Writing  is something I’ve held close to me  since I was a child. I’ve dabbled in it in many forms – from being a cub reporter to writing for one of Singapore’s top digital media platforms, from scrawling passages in the back of exercise books to having my work published and shared by thousands of people.

But while I often write for work and school, it’s been a while since I’ve written for pleasure. I’ve long been fond of creative writing – poetry, prose, plays. I’ve often dabbled in writing it, though I’m not very good at it. It’s something I’ve not had much chance to pursue, not while my writing time is spent on articles and essays.

Similarly, I’ve not had much chance to explore my creativity – though drawings, art, photographs, all these varied, beautiful forms.

So this blog is for me to write, to be creative, to shoot and scrawl and doodle, to be a little unhinged and rude and raw. It’s for me to just be me, and to let the words flow.

Words upon words upon words, digital ink, here we go.




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