2017 Bullet Journal Flipthrough

I started bullet journalling in mid-March of 2017, and it has changed my life. It sounds a bit drastic, I know, but ever since I started bullet journalling I feel like my life has been far more organised. For someone with both control freak tendencies and random creative urges, having a bullet journal has been incredible.

Before I go any further, what exactly is bullet journalling?

Bullet journalling is described on bulletjournal.com as a “customizable and forgiving organization system” that can be a to-do list, sketchbook, notebook and diary all in one. There are many different ways of bullet journalling – some use it to plan their weeks and take notes, others use it as a diary, and many others fill their pages with a mix of scheduling, note-taking, sketching… it’s all about what helps you with your life.

I personally use my bullet journal almost purely as a planner, though I do doodle and take notes in it occasionally. You can find out more about bullet journalling on the official website here, but do remember that it’s only a guide – take the system and make it work for you. Some people have elaborate pages, others just need a pen to get going. It’s all up to your individual style.

There are many different pages/layouts/things you can put into your bullet journal, but here are three pages in mine that have really helped me.

Future Log – Yearly and Monthly 

Having a future log is great. I often have events that are scheduled far into the future, like concerts, holidays, or exams, and while I do keep all important dates in my Google Calendar, sometimes there are things that I need to do that don’t have hard deadlines. Putting them into my yearly log and monthly log has helped me keep those tasks in mind, so that I remember everything that I need to do and don’t end up running around like a headless chicken.

Habit Tracker

This has helped me somewhat, because the desire to be able to shade in the boxes (or the desire to avoid shading in certain boxes) can actually be a powerful motivator. There’s a satisfaction in being able to see that I’ve been exercising semi-regularly, or that I’ve managed to avoid eating fast food three times a week. I’m not the best at updating it regularly, but I do try.

Expense Tracker

Most Useful BuJo Page Ever (except my weekly logs where I plan my life out) for sure. I only started tracking my expenses in this form in July (where I track both incoming and outgoing), but it’s really helped me to visualise where my money is going, where I can cut back, and how much I actually save in a month. For example, looking at July, I could probably save money if I’d just stop getting food from Ubereats.

Ubereats has changed my life (and made it easier for me to become a hermit crab), but that’s a separate issue.

I’ve made a video about my bullet journal, just flipping through the pages and talking about my process and what’s worked for me, and you can watch it here for a bigger-picture look at how things go for me.

Do let me know your thoughts on bullet journalling, if you do so yourself, or if you have any questions about the supplies I use/my process or whatever (:




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