supporting the freedom to love <3

Love is love and love is free, and love save the empty.

I don’t understand why people deny that LGBTQ+ people are legitimate, are important, should be given equal rights and equal treatment. They’re no less than us, they are human just the same – why are they discriminated against? Why do people deny that they exist, they are real, they are among us and one of us?

It’s why Pink Dot is important, here in Singapore. Being LGBTQ+ is not necessarily criminal, here, but it’s still looked upon with a certain lens, a certain judgment and opinion. And for as long as it keeps getting swept under the rug, we need to make noise and be heard, and spark change somehow.

I’m just an idealist with a simple view of the world, but I hope that in my lifetime I’ll see mindsets change and the ground break.

I went for Pink Dot with my good friend Joelle (@therealquirkyteal on Instagram, quirkyteal on WordPress), and we had the best time. Even though I was only there for a couple of hours and couldn’t stay for the whole thing because of family commitments, I was still glad to be able to participate in the event and experience it. 

I decided to document my experience in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, which is a great size for doing quick scrapbooking (plus, it takes up less space!)

For my Pink Dot 2017 spread, I decided to incorporate the various memorabilia that I collected at the event.

Check out my process video here:

I made use of a variety of elements – memorabilia, like the information brochure, the car decal (that I stuck to some plastic packaging so that I could see the right side) and a letterpress card, but also some traditional scrapbooking items like cardstock, stamps, and alphabet stickers.

I have an addiction to alphabet stickers – I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to buy more until I’ve used up at least three-quarters of my current collection, but the flesh is weak so we will see how that goes.

I’m rather pleased with how the spread turned out – it’s very simple, but I’m happy with how I incorporated the different elements and managed to balance out the pink with some teal and black.

Here’s to supporting the freedom to love.




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